Mary Davis Mediation Services

Mary has over thirty years experience as a mediator. She is fair and impartial. She listens and she hears what people are saying. Mary reframes issues and communicates the new “frame” to others.

Mary understands the emotional dynamics of persons in conflict and tactfully helps them create their own solutions. She  uses gentle humor and a sense of calm to create a safe and healthy environment to process disputes.

Consider Mary for mediating disputes related to:

Family Matters

  • We specialize in matters concerning children. In addition to her law degree, Mary M. Davis has a Masters in Education and is certified in early childhood development. She has mediated hundreds of parenting time agreements.
  • Mary is a court appointed Guardian ad Litem for children.


  • Mary has successfully mediated many disputes between employers and employees.

Business Matters

  • Mary uses excellent communication and analytical skills to identify key issues and facilitate solutions.

Estate and Probate

  • When a loved one dies it is hard on families and sometimes disagreements regarding the distribution of assets may arise.


  • When a loved one becomes disabled disagreements may arise concerning the care of the loved one.

Mediation Services

Mediation is available for the following types of disputes:

Mary M. Davis is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Colorado Bar Association.

Contact us at 970-498-8809 to schedule your mediation. Appointments are available during and after business hours.

Mediation services: $220 per hour